Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"And Can It Be"


Check out this web site. It's a thoughtful, yet scholarly analysis of what seems to be happening in the evangelical churches we attend, taking a wonderful rich hymn and changing it so much one would hardly recognize it. I don't want to "grieve the Holy Spirit" but I'm not convinced that this is what we should be singing or listening to in our worship. In the hospital where I work, we often listen to music in the operating room. Recently one of the employees remarked that she really liked the CCM Station that was on, saying "it's just like the rock station I listen to, you don't even know it's Christian Music".

After you listen to the CCM version of And Can It Be using the net link listed above, go to cyberhymnal.org and look at Wesley's words and listen to the traditional melody and see if that doesn't bless you.."Amazing Love, How Can It Be, That Thou My God, Should Die For Me".

BTW my favorite rendition of the hymn is a 50's Male Quartet "The Melody Four".

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